Tabby Ivy

Bigfork MT
Gently the River Flows by Tabby Ivy

Gently the River Flows

24″ x 30″ – Oil – $3,400
Ninepipes Pond by Tabby Ivy

Ninepipes Pond

18″ x 24″ – Oil – $2,150
The Mystery Within by Tabby Ivy

The Mystery Within

12″ x 24″ – Oil – $1,600
Etude of Cows in the Field by Tabby Ivy

Etude of Cows in the Field

6″ x 8″ – Oil – $725
The Barn at the Bottom of the Hill by Tabby Ivy

The Barn at the Bottom of the Hill

6″ x 6″ – Oil – $575
Between Land and Sky by Tabby Ivy

Between Land and Sky

6″ x 6″ – Oil – $575
Last Light by Tabby Ivy

Last Light

6″ x 6″ – Oil – $575
Quiet Reflection by Tabby Ivy

Quiet Reflection

22″ x 34″ – Oil – sold
Out to Pasture by Tabby Ivy

Out to Pasture

12″ x 16″ – Oil – $975
Plowed Under by Tabby Ivy

Plowed Under

22″ x 33″ – Oil – $3,400
Near Browning by Tabby Ivy

Near Browning

12″ x 12″ – Oil – $895
Morning Light, Many Glacier by Tabby Ivy

Morning Light, Many Glacier

11″ x 14″ – Oil – $950
Glacier Memory by Tabby Ivy

Glacier Memory

12″ x 16″ – Oil – $975
Filtered Light by Tabby Ivy

Filtered Light

6″ x 6″ – Oil – $425
Shadow Dancing by Tabby Ivy

Shadow Dancing

48″ x 60″ – Oil – $8,900
Tabby Ivy - End Of Summer

End Of Summer

36″ x 26″ – Oil – sold
Breezy Day by Tabby Ivy

Breezy Day

24″ x 18″ – Oil & Cold Wax – sold
Tabby Ivy - Titan Of The Plains

Titan Of The Plains

30″ x 45″ – Oil – sold
Floral Study II by Tabby Ivy

Floral Study II

8″ x 6″ – oil – sold
Morning Light by Tabby Ivy

Morning Light by Tabby Ivy

6″ x 8″ – oil – sold
Bath Time by Tabby Ivy

Bath Time

12″ x 18″ – Oil – sold
Bath Time by Tabby Ivy

Take A Load Off

8″ x 12″ – Oil – sold
Tabby Ivy - Winter Sonata

Prairie Sky

6″ x 8″ – Oil – sold
Molly Moo by Tabby Ivy

Molly Moo

8″ x 6″ – Oil – sold
Tabby Ivy - Reflections (triptych)

Reflections (triptych)

36″ x 72″ – Oil – sold

I have come to welcome the calm that comes to my life when in the midst of creative expression. Oil painting has become my vehicle to convey on canvas a mood, scene or thought that broke through the everyday to touch my soul. The end result is often a surprise, but if successful depicts a truth from within.

Tabby Ivy

About Tabby

A love of creative expression and experimentation has taken Tabby on a journey from black and white photography, to figurative watercolors, and now to her current focus on expressionist landscapes and abstractions using oils. Tabby’s work is greatly influenced by her black and white photography background; conveying a mood or scene using a limited palette and subtle tonal variations within her compositions. She describes her work as “contemporary expressions of nature’s beauty”, but embraces an occasional figurative or wildlife subject if inspiration or a commission calls.

A self-described autodidact as an artist, her ongoing creative curiosity and refinement of style has brought her work recognition and collectors from across the country. She has been a multi-year participant in the Hockaday Museum of Art’s Plein Air Paint Out, and was a curator of the Museum’s 2015 groundbreaking exhibition, “A Timeless Legacy, Women Artists of Glacier National Park”. She won the Gamblin Award of Excellence for her painting, “The Golden Hour” at Dana Gallery’s 2014 Icons of the West show in Missoula, and has been a featured artist in several Flathead Valley exhibitions.

Most recently she has been painting on large linen panels, which she feels allows her more freedom of expression and artistic impact. The abstract shapes of the Montana landscape that play on the surface of water inspire her “Reflections” series of paintings.