An Exceptional Fine Art Gallery in Whitefish, Montana

March 20-23, 2019
Great Falls, Montana

Heritage Inn, Great Falls

Montana / Alberta Conference Rooms

As one of the premiere events during Western Art Week, the Out West Art Show brings together over 100 artists and galleries to exhibit a vast array of artwork. This year we’ve got the best room in the house; we will be presenting our collection in the Montana / Alberta Conference rooms, just off the main stage.
Every year in March, thousands of art lovers from all over the world congregate in Great Falls to celebrate Western Art Week – please stop by, we’d love to meet you! During the show, some of our artists will be on hand to discuss their work and even create on site. Schedule of events to be announced in early March.
In addition to the featured artists listed below, we are offering a carefully curated collection of rare works by C.M. Russell, Edward S. Curtis, L.A. Huffman, T.J. Hileman and more.

Countdown to the Out West Art Show








Our 2019 featured artists:

 Deborah Berniklau   –   Richie Carter   –   Julie Chapman   –   Denise Gilroy   –   Michelle Grant   –   Terry Cooke Hall   –   Aaron Hazel   –   George Hill   –   Tabby Ivy   –   Dennis Johnson   –   Bill Mittag   –   Sandra Stevens   –   Doug Swinton   –   Linda Tippetts   –   Greg Woodard   –   Ken Yarus


Our 2019 featured artists:

Deborah Berniklau
Richie Carter
Julie Chapman
Denise Gilroy
Michelle Grant 
Terry Cooke Hall
Aaron Hazel
George Hill
Tabby Ivy
Dennis Johnson
Bill Mittag
Sandra Stevens
Doug Swinton
Linda Tippetts
Greg Woodard
Ken Yarus

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Gallery Artists

Welcome to our vision: carefully chosen art that captures our world at its very best! You’re sure to find something to love in a corner of our spectacular new gallery. Sweeping vistas of Glacier National Park, tranquil skies, amazing sculptures and breathtaking photography are just a few of the genres on view in Frame of Reference Fine Art. See the artists currently featured at Frame of Reference Fine Art.

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Looking for something amazing, historic or rare? From Karl Bodmer to Charlie Russell – paintings, photographs, prints and sculpture – Frame of Reference has something spectacular for your collection. View a few of our currently available works of art.

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Like you’ve never seen it before! We have the products, the passion and the knowledge to let your art put its best foot forward! Our world class and highly technical framing will ensure that your classic antique art or your child’s best drawing will be beautifully displayed and preserved for decades. We are the professionals who will preserve your cherished possessions.

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