The Collectors’ Gallery
at Frame of Reference

Rare, Historical, and One-of-a-Kind Artwork

We are always actively seeking exceptional works of art to bring a bit of history to your collection – below is a selection of the pieces we currently have available for purchase. If you are looking for a particular artist or something specific which you do not see here, please contact us; this collection is continually changing as we come upon new treasures!

Joe Abbrescia

Joe Abbrescia


Karl Bodmer

Mark Edward Adams

Edward Borein


William Bull

Mark Edward Adams

Russell Chatham

Becky Blades

Edward Sheriff Curtis


Paul Dyck


Seth Eastman


Nick Eggenhofer


John Fery

Mark Edward Adams

Jack Hines

Becky Blades

L.A. Huffman


Sandy Ingersol


Will James

Ken Bjorge

Franz Lipp

Mark Edward Adams

Elizabeth Lochrie

Richie Carter

Carl Moon


Thomas Moran

Becky Blades

Ace Powell


J.K. Ralston


Red Star

(1943 – )

Leonard Reedy


Charles D. Robinson

Ken Bjorge

Charlie M. Russell


Shannon Stirnweis


Jack Swanson


Katherine Wipfler

(1955 – )
Ken Bjorge

De Yong


Are you interested in selling your art?

We are always interested in consigning and in come cases purchasing works of original art. We recognize that you have many options when it comes to selling your fine art, so why choose us? The list is quite long, but to be concise, we have a decades’ long reputation of honesty and integrity, and an unparalleled knowledge base. Frame of Reference Fine Art has a passion for quality, history, and fine art of the region. We’ll treat you and your art with respect and care, and we will maintain your confidentiality with all inquiries.