Historic Western Art

at Frame of Reference

Every work of art deserves a good home…

With the expansion of our gallery in 2017, there have been many changes to Frame of Reference – location, staff, and space.  One thing that has remained consistent is our love of exceptional art.

We are continually adding more art to the website; here is a short list of some of the works currently available. Please visit us in person or inquire by phone or email to learn more about our collection.

Mark Edward Adams

Joe Abbrescia

Mark Edward Adams

Russell Chatham

Mark Edward Adams

T.J. Hileman

1882 – 1945
Mark Edward Adams

H.W. Johnson

1921 – 2005
Ken Bjorge

Franz Lipp

Becky Blades

Ace Powell

Ken Bjorge

Charlie M. Russell

Ken Bjorge

Joe De Yong

Mark Edward Adams

Edward Borein

Becky Blades

Edward Sheriff Curtis

Richie Carter

Ronald Himler

(1937- )

Hans Kleiber

(1887 – 1967)
Mark Edward Adams

Elizabeth Lochrie

1890 – 1981

J.K. Ralston

(1896 – 1987)
Ken Bjorge

W. Steve Seltzer

(1955 – )
Ken Bjorge

Reynold Brown

Ken Bjorge

Washington Friend

Mark Edward Adams

Jack Hines


Hank Lawshe

(1935 – 1993)
Richie Carter

Carl Moon

Richie Carter

Roland Reed

(1864 – 1934)
Richie Carter

Irvin “Shorty” Shope


William Bull

Ken Bjorge

John Wade Hampton

Becky Blades

L.A. Huffman

Becky Blades

Joyce Lee

(1950 – 2011)
Mark Edward Adams

Wolfgang Pogzeba


Charles D. Robinson

Mark Edward Adams

Olaf Wieghorst


Are you interested in selling your art?

You have many options when it comes to selling your fine art. Why choose us? The list is quite long, but to be concise, we have a decades’ long reputation of honesty and integrity, and an unparalleled knowledge base. Frame of Reference Fine Art has a passion for quality, history and fine art of the region. We’ll treat you and your art with respect and care.