Nancy Seiler

Missoula MT

Summer by Nancy Seiler


12″ x 12″     Acrylic     $325     SOLD
fall by Nancy Seiler


12″ x 12″     Acrylic     $325    SOLD
Winter by Nancy Seiler


12″ x 12″     Acrylic     $325    SOLD
Spring by Nancy Seiler


12″ x 12″    Acrylic     $325     SOLD
Merge by Nancy Seiler


10″ x 8″     Acrylic     $160
Suds by Nancy Seiler


10″ x 10″     Acrylic     $200
Stones by Nancy Seiler


10″ x 8″     Acrylic     $160
Shoreline by Nancy Seiler


18″ x 18″     Acrylic     $650
Aerial by Nancy Seiler


24″ x 24″      Acrylic     $1,150
Shiraz by Nancy Seiler


10″ x 10″     Acrylic     $200
Looking Skyward IV by Nancy Seiler

Looking Skyward IV

30″ x 30″      Acrylic     $1,800     SOLD
Sticky Geranium

Sticky Geranium

10″ x 8″     Watercolor     $1,150
Aspen Grove Eleven by Nancy Seiler

Aspen Grove Eleven

50″ x 30″     Acrylic     $3,000 – SOLD
Nancy Seiler - Big Sky Storm

Big Sky Storm

60″ x 60″     Acrylic     $8,600     SOLD
Nancy Seiler - Aurora Borealis II

Aurora Borealis II

24″ x 24″     Acrylic     $1,450
Nancy Seiler - Aurora Borealis III

Aurora Borealis III

24″ x 24″     Acrylic      $1,450
Nancy Seiler - Aurora Borealis V

Aurora Borealis V

30″ x 30″     Acrylic      $2,250
Nancy Seiler - Aspen Grove Five

Aspen Grove Five

24″ x 24″     Acrylic     $1,450
Nancy Seiler - Aspen Grove Seven

Aspen Grove Seven

18″ x 18″     Acrylic     $800
Nancy Seiler - Aspen Wind

Aspen Wind

24″ x 24″     Acrylic      $1,450     SOLD
Nancy Seiler - Sentinel to Dean Stone

Sentinel to Dean Stone

36″ x 18″     Acrylic     $1,600


Nancy Seiler - High Drama I

High Drama I

36″ x 18″     Acrylic     $1,600
Nancy Seiler - High Drama II

High Drama II

18″ x 36″     Acrylic     $1,600

About Nancy

I enjoy the movement and spontaneity that working in fluid acrylics affords. I am inspired by colors or textures in nature when I start to paint. I lay the canvas flat and start painting big and fast, letting the paint and water move and blend. I may tilt the canvas to create even more movement. Then, I continue to build up layers until I’m satisfied with the result. Creating art this way is an experiment. I never know exactly what will happen as the paint continues to move until it finally dries. When I arrive at the studio the next day, the image may be something completely different than what I expected.

A graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Nancy owns Seiler Design, a graphic design business which focuses on interpretive design and natural history illustration. She continues to explore fluid acrylics from her studio in Missoula, Montana.