Linda Wilder

Calgary, Alberta


Iceberg Lake by Linda Wilder

Iceberg Lake

12″ x 16″ – acrylic
Glacier Creek by Linda Wilder

Glacier Creek

10″ x 20″ – acrylic
Linda Wilder

Linda Wilder

Born in 1955, and growing up an ‘air force brat’, Linda traveled extensively across Canada and in 1976, settled in Alberta. Her creative ability was readily evident as a child, and eventually could follow her destiny. Her education consisted of formal art training in Red Deer College (Art & Design), followed by the University of Calgary BFA program, majoring in drawing and ceramics. Although life’s path diverted her artistic quest for many years, she never lost her desire to pursue a career as a painter. Determined, she took many workshops with acclaimed artists, joined clubs, read books, frequented art galleries and practiced every day. Linda became a passionate and prolific artist. Painting full time since 2005, she has developed a very successful career. She has been juried into many local, national and international shows and competitions, acquiring many accolades along the way. Linda’s paintings are enjoyed in both corporate and private collections worldwide.

“All my work is inspired in some way by the environment surrounding me. If my heart skips a beat, I take a second look to absorb and analyze. The simplest things capture my attention…the way light bounces off the water and rocks in a stream, the contrast of snow against the warm underbrush, figures in sunlight…it all sparks an emotional cord. The environment stimulates my senses as I breathe the fresh air taking in all the sights and sounds; a truly awe inspiring and humbling experience. With intuitive energy and the use of bold strokes, light and texture, I strive to capture the mood and emotion in my work. My paintings appear vividly representational but upon closer inspection, one can see the intimate nuances and abstract tendencies which I feel elevate and enrich my work.