Kat Houseman

Bellingham WA


Angus by Kat Houseman


10″ x 10″ – Oil – sold
Early Winter - Rabbit by Kat Houseman

Early Winter – Rabbit

11″ x 14″ – Oil – sold
Kat Houseman - Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow

8″ x 8″ – Oil – sold
The Hare by Kat Houseman

The Hare

6″ x 6″ – Oil – sold
Grizzly Bear by Kat Houseman

Grizzly Bear

8″ x 8″ – Oil – sold
Summer Bear by Kat Houseman

Summer Bear

40″ x 30″ – Oil – sold

Goat on the Rocks

36″ x 36″ – Oil – sold
Meadowlark by Kat Houseman


8″ x 6″ – Oil – sold
Young Raven by Kat Houseman

Young Raven

24″ x 20″ – Oil – sold
Red Sun Robin by Kat Houseman

Red Sun Robin

12″ x 12″ – Oil – sold
Red Sun Wren by Kat Houseman

Red Sun Wren

12″ x 12″ – Oil – sold
Cow Pony by Kat Houseman

Cow Pony

6″ x 6″ – Oil – sold
Red Sun Sparrow by Kat Houseman

Red Sun Sparrow

12″ x 12″ – Oil – sold
Chatterbox by Kat Houseman


6″ x 6″ – Oil – sold
Red Sun Flicker by Kat Houseman

Red Sun Flicker

12″ x 16″ – Oil – sold
Fluffed Raven by Kat Houseman

Fluffed Raven

6″ x 6″ – Oil – sold
Red Sun Woodpecker by Kat Houseman

Red Sun Woodpecker

12″ x 8″ – Oil – sold

About Kat

Kat Houseman is currently living and working out of Bellingham, WA. She grew up with a passion for wildlife and western art, after frequent visits to the CM Russell Museum and Auction. In 2005 she received her BFA in Fine Arts from MSU Bozeman. While studying contemporary art in college her personal work began to evolve; birds became a common subject, colors became brighter and bolder, and brush strokes looser. She then relocated to the Pacific Northwest, spending six years in Bellingham, WA. There Kat had the chance to study shore birds and the various ocean mammals. Working in oil, Kat “allows the paint to be paint” with drips, washes and some build up. She works strictly in the Alla Prima style and only produces original one-of-a-kind paintings. Her work can be found throughout the western half of the US, in galleries and private collections. Kat is represented in Montana by Frame of Reference Fine Art in Whitefish.