Kenneth Yarus

Kalispell MT

Only A Moment

Lost Between Now and Then

Mountain Morning

Last Light Before the Storm

Rock of Ages


Barely Standing

Still Waters

What May Be Beyond

Blue Bird

Winter’s Wrath

A Beacon Through Time

My personal love for nature and people inspire my art. I strive to communicate an emotional value about my subjects by exploring the nuances of colors and textures that make them unique. Balancing the realistic representation and the deeper emotional value is a constant struggle that will always motivate my work.

Kenneth Yarus

About Kenneth

Kenneth Yarus was brought up in Kalispell Montana, where he first dreamed of being a painter. He found mentors in the local art world; Steve and Nancy Cawdrey encouraged his growth as did Greg Call, Susan Guthrie and Rusti Warner. He pursued his passion through high school and earned several awards including a Gold Key from the Scholastic Art Awards, 2nd place in the Montana “Paint the State” anti-meth contest, and The John and Anne Taylor Scholarship. With this scholarship Ken was able to continue his studies at the Ashland Academy of Art in Ashland, OR, where he learned the fundamentals of drawing under Russian Master Semyon Bilmes. When the school moved to Maui, Ken moved to New York City’s Grand Central Academy. While attending the Academy he studied under modern masters Jacob Collins, Edward Minoff, Josh LaRock, and Scott Waddell. Ken then returned to the West Coast to continue his learning by taking workshops and painting “plein air” in the land he loves. Ken recently returned to Montana to be close to Glacier National Park and paint the landscapes he loves.