Charles Russell

1864 – 1926

Prospector Lighting a Pipe

#CR.PC.245 & #CR.NE.781

Water Color Drawing – From a Private Montana Collection

This unique piece of art by Charles Marion Russell is believed to be from approximately 1895.  Done in pencil and sepia-toned watercolor wash, with just a bit of yellow in the prospector’s cartridge belt, one can clearly see Russell’s ability to tell a story even with just a few brushstrokes.  Signed C.M. Russell with the buffalo sketch just visible bottom left.  Adding to the unique nature of this piece is a second uncompleted painting on the reverse of the paper depicting a native woman and child on horseback with travois poles, done largely in pencil.  Both paintings have been assigned a unique number in the Catalog Raisonné by the University of Oklahoma.

The image size is 8″ x 11″, framed size is 20″ x 22″.

Letter of Authentication

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Study of Capote

A study in several views of the Capote, a long hooded coat sewn from a wool blanket – a style which originated from 19th Century fur traders.  Ink and watercolor wash, from a set of two, unsigned but authenticated as Russell’s work by Robert F. Morgan in 1985.

  • From a private Montana collection
  • Another early work as this predates the ‘skull signature’
  • Size:  6″ x 4″, Framed:  15″ x 14″

Please contact the gallery if you are interested in this piece.