Will Rogers

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by Aaron Hazel


24″ x 36″

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Will Rogers was a Native American cowboy, movie star, journalist, vaudeville actor, author, comedian, and radio personality. In the early 20th century he was considered one of the most famous men in America. His satirical comedy was politically driven, stating that while most comedians have comedy writers, he lets Congress do it for him. While his Native roots were overlooked by Hollywood at the time, Rogers did his part to give back to his people. Growing up in the Cherokee Nation in what is present day Oklahoma, Rogers helped create the first ever Native Hospital in 1924. While helping fund its inception, he also provided each room with a radio and headset. Rogers later joked on his show, ”You know Columbus discovered this country about 400 years ago or something, and it took 400 years for the government to build a hospital for Indians. Look what the Indians have got to look forward to in the next 400 years. They are liable to build us a cemetery or something, I guess.” Rogers had every intention to eventually step away from the Hollywood lifestyle and return home to his Cherokee way of living, however a plane crash ended his life in 1935 before he could fulfill that wish.

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