Plenty Coups

$ 1,395

by Aaron Hazel


20″ x 16″

Framed: 22.5″ x 18.5″

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Plenty Coups was the Chief of the Mountain Crow Band. He was elected “Ashakee”, or the chief over all of the chiefs. Born in Billings, MT, Plenty Coups grew up as a warrior, fighting alongside Medicine Crow in battles with neighboring tribes. He was an elite warrior, fearlessly sneaking into other tribes’ spaces and taking their weapons and horses, wearing a grey wolf hide as a disguise. Aside from being highly accomplished in battle, Plenty Coups was also a highly respected diplomat. He fought tirelessly to preserve Crow land, and believed a relationship with the white man was the most effective way to achieve this. Plenty Coups’ various trips to Washington DC paid off as well, as he was able to preserve a higher percentage of their land than any other tribe was able to negotiate. The federal government, and tribes alike considered Plenty Coups the single most important Native American leader, and the Crow have not elected another chief since his death in 1932.

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