Floral Still Life Workshop with Richie Carter

$ 275


May 15 – 17, 2020

Friday, May 15th
6:00 PM – Welcome Reception with wine, hors d’oeuvres and sweets plus a painting demonstration by Richie Carter

Painting Schedule:
Saturday, Sunday
10am – 4pm

Maximum of 8 students in class. Lunch is provided on Saturday and Sunday – we will accommodate any specific food allergies or requests (ie: kosher, halal or vegan).

See below for more details about the class including a material list.

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Description: This is a full two day class focused on painting florals from life. Students will learn an alla prima approach to rendering a floral composition in oil paint. We will address all the foundational elements of image making, starting with drawing, value, color, and edges, which in turn can be applied to many different subject matter. We will delve into various techniques I use to capture an accurate rendition of a given flower. I will be discussing various observational tools throughout the workshop as well. I believe it is important to watch a painting be created and so I will be demoing throughout the weekend. I hope that students come away with not only a painting they are excited about, but more importantly learn something they can take with them and apply to their work beyond a workshop setting.

This workshop would be best suited for artists who have some experience with oil painting who want to further their skills. This class is equally for the advance painter. I will meet each person where they are at in skill level and push each individual from that point.

It would be best for students to have that basic understanding of how oil paints work. Drawing is the most foundational element we will begin with and so some experience with that would be very helpful.

Painting Surface: Bring 2-4 panels of sizes ranging from 9×12-11×14. I paint on medium to fine weave Claessens Belgian linen. Raymar Panel company sells pre-made quality panels as a suggestion. You can find them at Raymarart.com. I don’t recommend stretched canvas however.
Recommended brushes:
Long Flats (synthetic) : sizes 1, 4, 6, 8
Rounds (synthetic): sizes 1, 3, 4
Easel: A free standing portable easel. French easels work as well as any plain air set up
Turpentine Jar: a small container 8oz or bigger that has a sealed lid.
Paints: I will write in parentheses what brands I use because they are specific, just in case students would like to know, however I don’t expect them to buy exactly what I use. Flowers require a larger palette than what some people might be used to.

Titanium White (Williamsberg)
Lemon Yellow (Rembrandt)
Cadmium Yellow Medium (Rembrandt)
Cadmium Orange (Rembrandt)
Cadmium Red (Rembrandt)
Permanent Rose (Winsor & Newton)
Magenta (Michael Harding)
Ultramarine Blue (Michael Harding)
Viridian Green (Rembrandt)
Green Gold (Winsor & Newton)
Transparent Oxide Red (Rembrandt)
Transparent Oxide Brown (Rembrandt)
Raw umber (Michael Harding)
Yellow ochre (Winsor & Newton)
Ivory black (Rembrandt)

Flowers, Paper Towels, and Gamsol provided

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