Buffalo Calf Road Woman

$ 2,095

by Aaron Hazel


40″ x 30″

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This is Buffalo Calf Road Woman. She was a Northern Cheyenne who heroically saved her dying brother in the Battle of Rosebud. The Battle of Rosebud was one of the marquee fights in the Great Sioux War of 1876. The Cheyenne, and the Lakota led by legendary Chief Crazy Horse were losing ground to the US Armed forces. As they retreated they also left behind Buffalo Calf Road Woman’s wounded brother, Chief Comes in Sight. As the warriors backed away, Buffalo Calf Road Woman burst back onto the battlefield, out of nowhere, scooping her brother up to safety. This heroic act galvanized her team, and boosted their morale. They then decided to push ahead, eventually overtaking General Crook and his forces. If that wasn’t enough, a week later, Buffalo Calf Road Woman fought alongside her husband Black Coyote in the Battle of Little Bighorn. Not only did she fight, she won… striking the blow to the famed General Custer that knocked him off his horse, and lead to his death.

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