American Horse

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by Aaron Hazel


36″ x 48″

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This is a portrait of Oglala Lakota leader American Horse (the younger). He was a chief, a diplomat, educator, and historian. American Horse was a member of the progressive Wagluhe band, and lead during the times of the Great Sioux War of 1876. However, his tactic was that of peace. The Wagluhe were cognizant of the vast amount of white settlement, and deemed it best to adopt their ways. So at this time, American Horse did not engage in war or resistance to the whites, rather he served as an Indian Scout to the U.S. Army. Following the Battle of Little Bighorn, American Horse traveled to Washington, and continued to mediate relationships between the Natives and settlers. Deeming resistance “useless,” American Horse advocated yielding to the government at any cost. He also was a proponent of the Carlisle Indian School (more on Carlisle later) and sent his son and nephew there to get a formal “white” education. American Horse also rode with Buffalo Bill Cody in the Wild West Brigade. “Wild Westing” was a chance for Natives (typically Lakota) to go on tour, earn a good wage and advocate their way of life. By 1886, American Horse replaced Sitting Bull as the headliner, and in 1887 lead his Lakota on the first ever international trip, performing in Birmingham, Salford, and London over a 5 month stint. In 1905, American Horse also rode with Teddy Roosevelt in the Presidential Inauguration Parade.

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