Terry Cooke Hall

Bozeman, Montana

As my way of creating a story for my viewers, my stylized figures are set in an imaginary world, often including colorful winds or swirling skies backlit by an abstraction of the sun or moon. My approach blends color, patterns, and textural elements, providing a unique contemporary twist. The imaginative style of realism I have developed is a look at my West viewed through the lens of 30 years of work in design and illustration.

About Terry

Trips throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California in the family station wagon were a big part of Terry’s childhood, forming strong memories of the Southwest in the 60s. During the mid-70s, Terry’s passion for art led her to numerous classes, workshops, and university extension courses in life drawing, graphic design, and illustration, including studies of the works of the Golden Age illustrators, a heavy influence on her current style. In 1978, Terry put her training into use by illustrating for architectural and land development firms in Southern California. After 15 years of the left-brain world of architects and engineers, Terry left her job and co-founded a commercial art business in San Diego County.
Since 2006, Terry has focused exclusively on developing a fine art career that has strong roots in California Impressionism. She has studied under nationally-known artists with an intense focus on foundational principles of fine art and impressionistic light and color.
Terry lives in Bozeman, Montana.