Robin Sorg

Kalispell MT
Moody Blue by Robin Sorg

Moody Blue

12″ x 9″ – acrylic – $930
The Great Blue (Heron) by Robin Sorg

The Great Blue (Heron)

16″ x 20″ – Acrylic – $2,200
Hot Shot (Rooster) by Robin Sorg

Hot Shot (Rooster)

8″ x 10″ – Acrylic – $580
Flicker of Light by Robin Sorg

Flicker of Light

8″ x 8″ – Acrylic – sold
The Gathering by Robin Sorg

The Gathering

12″ x 24″ – Acrylic – SOLD
Silver Lining by Robin Sorg

Silver Lining

30″ x 30″ – Acrylic – $1,800
Amos Two Bulls by Robin Sorg

Amos Two Bulls

18″ x 18″ – Acrylic – $925
Seer by Robin Sorg


16″ x 20″ – Acrylic – SOLD
Miss Kingfisher by Robin Sorg

Miss Kingfisher

10″ x 10″ – Acrylic – SOLD
Crowned Raven by Robin Sorg

Crowned Raven

10″ x 10″     Acrylic     $675
Lone on the Range by Robin Sorg

Lone on the Range

8″ x 10″ – Acrylic – SOLD
Home on the Range by Robin Sorg

Home on the Range

8″ x 10″ – Acrylic – SOLD
Roam on the Range by Robin Sorg

Roam on the Range

8″ x 10″ – Acrylic – SOLD
Robin Sorg Portrait

About Robin

“While capturing the form and realness of my subject, I venture into a more abstract approach that when blended, communicates the sacredness of that being. My intention is to involve the viewer in such a way that ignites their own imagination and opens the connectedness within.”

Robin Sorg was born and raised in Montana where her love of art began at an early age. She attended college in Seattle for commercial art and has worked as a freelance graphic designer/illustrator since 1991.
She is a self-taught painter working primarily in acrylics with an impressionistic flair—Robin’s art focuses on her connection with the animal spirit. She lives & paints in the beautiful Flathead Valley, which serves as her inspiration.