Parker Ford

Billings MT
Favorite Fly by Parker Ford

Favorite Fly

8″ x 16″ – Acrylic – $900
Montana Mustang by Parker Ford

Montana Mustang

12″ x 24″ – Acrylic – $800
September by Parker Ford


8″ x 16″ – Acrylic – $900
Good Neighbor by Parker Ford

Good Neighbor

14″ x 14″ – acrylic – $325
War Paint by Parker Ford

War Paint

12″ x 24″ – Acrylic – $800
Montana Glance by Parker Ford

Montana Glance

12″ x 12″ – acrylic – $295
Painted Orange by Parker Ford

Painted Orange

48″ x 24″ – acrylic – sold
The Blue Seven by Parker Ford

The Blue Seven

48″ x 24″ – Acrylic – SOLD
The Drive West by Parker Ford

The Drive West

16″ x 20″ – Acrylic – $900
Ready for Battle by Parker Ford

Ready for Battle

16″ x 8″ – Acrylic – SOLD
A Look Back by Parker Ford

A Look Back

19″ x 8″ x 1″ – Steel Sculpture – $750
Paint by Parker Ford


18″ x 12″ x 2″ – Steel Sculpture – $750
Patina by Parker Ford


19″ x 12″ x 2″ – Steel Sculpture – sold
Standing Tall by Parker Ford

Standing Tall

25″ x 16″ x 3″ – Steel Sculpture – Sold

About Parker


Parker Ford grew up west of Billings where pine bluffs and the eastern prairie shape the landscape.  He studied art in Bozeman at MSU, where he eventually received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing.  Parker spent a semester in Morocco, where he studied Islamic Art and Architecture. In addition to his studies in Morocco, Parker traveled Europe where he concentrated on studying the classic painters and their techniques.

Over the years, Parker has used several different mediums to express his western contemporary concepts.  He has worked in slate carvings, metal sculptures, and acrylic paintings. Parker says this allows him to be creative in many different forms and gives him more ways of expressing himself and his ideas.  “All of these mediums have their limitations, and an idea in one medium will often lead to another idea in another medium.”

He says he wants his art to be an avenue that allows the viewer to use their imagination.  Horses and cattle dominate many of his pieces, which Parker attributes to his childhood.  For him, these animals represent Montana and allow him to show his love for the west with a creative twist.