Julie T. Chapman

Missoula MT

Teammates by Julie T. Chapman


20″ x 30″     Scratchboard     $8,900
Julie Chapman - Seduction


24″ x 24″     Scratchboard     $7,900
Uncertain by Julie T. Chapman


14″ x 18″     Scratchboard     $3,200
Barrel Bling #2 by Julie T. Chapman

Barrel Bling #2

12″ x 12″     Scratchboard     $1,750
Trio by Julie Chapman


11″ x 14″ – Scratchboard – sold
Mood Indigo by Julie T. Chapman

Mood Indigo

20″ x 30″    Oil & Cold Wax     $5,100
Formidabull by Julie Chapman


18″ x 36″     Oil     $6,400
Sly (Brer Fox) by Julie T. Chapman

Sly (Brer Fox)

28″ x 22″ – scratchboard – sold
Julie Chapman - Mama Wolf

Mama Wolf

20″ x 40″     Scratchboard     $11,900     SOLD
Family by Julie T. Chapman


18″ x 14″     Scratchboard     $2,950     SOLD
Julie Chapman - Everyone's a Critic

Everyone’s a Critic

11″ x 14″     Scratchboard     $1,900     SOLD
Cool Regard by Julie T. Chapman

Cool Regard

12″ x 12″     Scratchboard     $1,700     SOLD
Ursus Nobilis by Julie T. Chapman

Ursus Nobilis

11″ x 14″     Scratchboard     $1,900     SOLD
Bringer of Fish by Julie T. Chapman

Bringer of Fish

8″ x 10″     Oil & Cold Wax     $900
Wolf Horizon by Julie T. Chapman

Wolf Horizon

8″ x 10″     Oil & Cold Wax     $900
Julie Chapman - Swan Light #1

Swan Light #1

5″ x 7″     Oil & Cold Wax     $500     SOLD
Swan Light #2 by Julie T. Chapman

Swan Light #2

5″ x 7″     Oil & Cold Wax     $500     SOLD

How do you talk about abstraction, except that is has to do with my sense of balance and design and movement.  It draws on the colors in my main subjects, and I put those colors together to make my subjects powerful and inescapable for the viewer.  My work has no recognizable setting because my animals are my landscapes.

About Julie

I adored horses, but never had one as a kid (even though I grew up on a small family farm in Ohio! the injustice of it all…). I loved science, math, and art, so – naturally enough – got an engineering degree and went to work for HP in northern California after college. There I finally got into horses, and competed in dressage and 3-day eventing for years.

Despite long hours in R&D and marketing at HP, I never stopped drawing. Winning the 2003 Arts for the Parks $50,000 Grand Prize kicked me in the butt in many ways, so we moved from California to Montana, and I became a full-time artist. I already knew and loved Yellowstone and Glacier for wildlife reference material, but in Montana I discovered the joys of small-town summertime rodeo (color! drama! horses in action!).

I recently made my first trip to Africa – the holy grail for wildlife artists – and fell in love with the beauty and diversity of the animals there. I’m enjoying exploring African subject matter in my scratchboards and paintings, and I can’t wait to return.