Gini Ogle

Kalispell MT
Day is Done by Gini Ogle

Day is Done

30″ x 20″ – Oil – $1,800
Golden River Bank by Gini Ogle

Golden River Bank

14″ x 11″ – Oil – $650
Autumn Song at Sinopah Mountain by Gini Ogle

Autumn Song at Sinopah Mountain

14″ x 11″ – oil – $650
Running Eagle Falls by Gini Ogle

Running Eagle Falls

20″ x 16″ – Oil – sold
Daybreak on Granite Rock by Gini Ogle

Daybreak on Granite Rock

16″ x 20″ – Oil – $960
Shores of Swan River by Gini Ogle

Shores of Swan River

14″ x 18″ – Oil – sold
Sweet Autumn Harvest by Gini Ogle

Sweet Autumn Harvest

10″ x 10″ – oil – $450
Woodland Park Dappled Light by Gini Ogle

Woodland Park Dappled Light

11″ x 14″ – Oil – $650
Harebells by Gini Ogle


8″ x 8″ – Oil – $350
Huckleberries by Gini Ogle


8″ x 8″ – Oil – $350
Bear Grass Trio by Gini Ogle

Bear Grass Trio

10″ x 8″ – Oil – $395
Gini Ogle - Boats for Rent

Deep Blue

10″ x 8″ – Oil – sold
Gini Ogle - Quiet Moment

Quiet Moment

20″ x 24″ – Oil – $1,820
Gini Ogle - Boats for Rent

Boats for Rent

20″ x 24″ – Oil – $1,820
Gini Ogle - Polebridge Winter

Milk River Bridge

8″ x 10″ – Oil – $395
Fish Creek Forest by Gini Ogle

Fish Creek Forest

9″ x 12″ – Oil – sold
Lingering Clouds by Gini Ogle

Lingering Clouds

9″ x 12″ – Oil – sold

About Gini

My artistic journey began as a young child growing up in Montana. I desired to express myself in a creative manner and found joy in experimenting with watercolor and oils. As a child I set up a folding chair as my easel and found my own little studio in a corner of our basement. Calligraphy also sparked my interest at that time so the purchase of a Speedball book, nibs, and ink took me to my deep interest and study in the history of writing which I expressed in fine art, commercial art, and teaching during the majority of my career. My calligraphic art came full circle when an example of my work was published in the Speedball book.

Currently, plein air oil painting has taken me by storm. It was difficult in the beginning but I’ve grown to appreciate the value of working directly in nature to express my vision. I painted “Mount Clements” on a sunny late summer afternoon from just behind the visitor center at Logan Pass. The awesome vistas of Glacier National Park greatly inspire and energize me and exemplify the feelings I bring to my plein air painting experiences.

Art has been a part of my entire life’s journey in various disciplines. As Vincent Van Gogh stated, “I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.”