Chief Charlo




24″ x 24″



Charlo was the head chief of the Bitterroot Salish tribe.  He was described as quiet yet firm, a true representative of his race, a brave and honest man with “features as rugged as a granite cliff.” Charlo was a fierce resistor to white settlement on Bitterroot lands. A treaty had been established in 1855, but based on its muddled nomenclature, and Charlo’s forged signature, his people were forced to leave their land for the Jocko Reservation. But, not without a fight. Charlo famously stated, “you place your foot upon our necks and press our faces into the dust.  But I will never go to the reservation.” By 1889 Charlo’s people were destitute, and suffering. For their sake Charlo finally moved his people to the reservation. He died there in 1910 bitter, and disappointed for he felt as if he had let his people down.

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