Bill Pickett




60″ x 36″



Bill Pickett was arguably the most famous African American cowboy, and rodeo performer of all time. Born in 1870, the second of 13 kids, Pickett quit school in 5th grade in hopes to become a ranch hand. Fast forward several years and his decision paid off, as he eventually joined the famed 101 Ranch in 1907. From there, his career took off. He traveled the world, performing at venues ranging from Madison Square Garden, to England, where he exhibited his skills for the British Royal Family. He also invented steer wresting, (grabbing a bull by the horns and wrestling it to the ground) which is still a major rodeo event to this day. Pickett’s career spanned over 40 years and he was the first black cowboy ever inducted into the National Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame. Stamps were created on his behalf, and a statue of him was built in Fort Worth, TX.

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