Ron Ukrainetz

Great Falls MT

Family Affair

10″ x 16″     Polychromatic Engraving    $1,450

Drag Queen

12″ x 16″     Oil     $1,295

John Deere Green

12″ x 16″     Oil     $1,295

Vanishing Breed

20″ x 16″     Oil     $2,200     

Harlequin Haven

14″ x 24″     Oil    $2,600

Fog on the Firehole

30″ x 42″     Oil     $5,280


12″ x 24″     Oil     $1,875     SOLD

Icon Gone

18″ x 12″     Oil     $1,695

Bear-ly Brilliance

20″ x 24″     Oil     $2,890     

Can’t Hide

24″ x 30″     Oil     $3,895     

Salish / Coeur d’Alene

28″ x 21″     Polychromatic Engraving     $4,750

The River

14″ x 14″     Oil     $1,495


25″ x 19″     Polychromatic Engraving     $3,890

Artists are the sum of their knowledge, conveying their own techniques through their favored medium.  Compassion should be reflected in those techniques.  Is there a story to be told?  There should be.  Does each piece make a statement of my abilities?  Mostly.  Does each piece accurately represent the subject?  When it must.  Am I always satisfied with the outcome?  Not entirely.  If I were, and did the perfect piece, I’d probably consider spending more time fishing.  Perfection is a goal that gets harder to reach every day.

About Ron

Born and raised in Great Falls, Montana, Ukrainetz is a life-long artist.  During the past 34 plus years as a professional artist, he garnered awards from numerous shows across the country.  He has been featured in magazines such as “Western Art Collector”, “Wildlife Art Magazine”, “Fine Art Connoisseur” and “The Artists Magazine” to mention but a few.  Ron is a living Master in acrylics on engraved Clayboard (polychromatic engraving).

He has participated in the C.M. Russell Art Auction every year since 1995.  Ron has participated in the C.M. Russell Art Auction Quick Finish event 6 times, and the C.M. Russell Stampede Quick Draw for the past 17 years.  Ron is a member of Oil Painters of America, PaintAmerica Master’s Society, National Oil and Acrylics Painter’s Society, American Impressionists Society, a founding member and past-president of Montana Painter’s Alliance, co-founder of the Young Masters Art Program for Montana, and a founding member and chairman of the board of trustees for the Out West Art Foundation, Inc.

He works in several media including engraving on Claybord (polychromatic engraving), and then glazing those engravings with layers of acrylic. Ron also works in oil, both en plein aire, and in the studio. His historical oils of the Lewis and Clark era have gained wide acclaim, and his historical knowledge on that great epic is tapped by fellow artists as well as scholars.