Richie Carter

Bigfork MT


The Last to Leave Here

Leading Somewhere

Did You Ever Think We Would Meet?

Mission Morning

Rising Up (Mission Mountains)

End of Winter

Last Snow Study

Mission Hay Bales

Mission Spring




About Richie

Richie Carter was born and raised just outside of Kalispell, Montana, where he instinctively took to the beauty of the surrounding landscape. He obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts in painting from The University of Montana. He also studied in San Diego California, Venice Italy, and Amiens France.

Richie is primarily an oil painter and is interested in capturing the reality of the Montana landscape. The ‘alla prima’ method lends itself best to his artistic view. It is a way of working painting ‘all in one go’ as the subject sits directly in front of you changing as the sun moves across the sky. Working from life when he can is very important. There is a certain understanding of the landscape that is obtained which one does not find as evident when working strictly from a photo. He hopes to allow the viewer to share in his passion for the outdoors and beauty he finds in his subject matter.