Randy Walker

Bellingham WA

Driftwood Vessels

Jade Hawthorn

Blue Maples

Spring Maple

Harvest Pod

Spring Pod

Terracotta Pod

About Randy

A 1981 graduate of Oklahoma State University in Wildlife Biology, Randy Walker now lives in Bellingham, Washington.  Randy worked from 1989 until 2014 as a Pilchuck faculty, gaffer and studio coordinator.  He was a principal member of the William Morris blowing team for sixteen years, helping to make some of the world’s most innovative glass works.

For the past two decades, Randy has been a frequent faculty member at Pilchuck and has taught workshops in Canada, Japan, New Zealand and across the United States. His work is exhibited nationally.

Randy creates forms of nature based on his lifetime of travels and scientific studies combined with his years of extensive work and education in glass sculpting.  The work is born from a deep seated reverence for the forest’s grandeur and  tenacious vitality. These blown and sculpted glass forms are inspired by the colors, textures and patterns found in the forests of the Pacific Northwest;
dappled sunlight shining through a tree’s canopy; a beam of sunshine spotlighting a quiet shrine of forest elements. These naturalistic forms, seemingly worn by weather and time, rekindle a sense of wonder, spirit and solitude one might find within the stillness of the woods.

Randy strives to create from an instinctual understanding of nature and glass to illuminate the essence of each.