Dennis Johnson

Polson MT

Roy’s Motel and Café

36″ x 48″     acrylic     $4,800

Blue Skies

36″ x 48″     acrylic     $4,250


36″ x 48″     acrylic     $4,250

Red Hot Trucking

30″ x 40″     acrylic     $3,750

Landscape with Barn

36″ x 48″     Acrylic     $4,250    SOLD

Club 13 – Butte

36″ x 48″     acrylic     $4,250

Ronan Grain Elevator

9″ x 12″     acrylic     $450     SOLD

Ronan Lake Flour Mill Series #1

9″ x 12″     acrylic     $450

Ronan Lake Flour Mill Series #2

9″ x 12″     acrylic     $450

Ronan Lake Flour Mill Series #3

12″ x 9″     acrylic     $450

Just Around the Bend

30″ x 40″     acrylic     $3,750

Morning Moon

11″ x 14″     acrylic     $450

Salton Sea Dunes

11″ x 14″     acrylic     $450

Overcast Skies

10″ x 10″     acrylic     $300     SOLD

Artistically and conceptually, I study buildings, signs and landscapes and work to heighten their sculptural and architectural elements, through composition, color, and light.  I consider the subject visually and historically, both in context and in isolation, separate from a particular moment in time and space.

Dennis Johnson Portrait

About Dennis

My work is an extension of the road I have traveled, exploring landscapes both rural and urban. Communities where I have worked and lived, from the south and Midwest earlier in my career, to California and Montana currently, have all influenced my work and vision. Each unique community provides opportunities to explore and to grow as an artist. It is the recurring themes of familiarity, cultural and historical context, and iconic representations of contemporary rural and urban landscape, that I find most fascinating and inspiring. Through my work I hope to encapsulate the place I am depicting, not merely visually, but emotionally, with the integration of text and diverse media.